Sao Paulo, Brazil



While cheap and popular, buses in Sao Paulo are very slow, largely due to high traffic levels and poorly developed roads. Additionally, it is difficult to find seats on buses because they often serve as the only mode of public transport in local neighborhoods. Buses will not pause at every stop, so if you are waiting for one, you must signal them to stop. Admission for children under five is free. Those who have the charged (with credit) Bilehete Unico card can scan their card over the reader while entering the bus and  will subsequently be allowed to ride three buses for free for three hours, after which they must recharge their card. For those who opt to pay per trip, the fee is R$2.70 for a one-way fare. It is advisable to keep a strict check on one’s belongings and not have any valuables on you while using the bus since petty theft is common.
Timings: 5am to 1am
Price: R$2.70; children under five admitted for free.
Tel: 156

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