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Sanaa - Yemen
Sanaa Today
Sana'a is the capital and the largest city of Yemen, home of the Sana‘a Governorate. It is also the world’s fastest growing capital city, and is not immune to the social and technological problems faced by rapidly developing third world ...
Sanaa History
Sana'a is believed to be one of the oldest cities in the world, one that has continuously been inhabited over the centuries through times of drought, famine, war and major upheavals in social trends resulting from changes in its political and ...

City Wall and Gate
The seven centuries old, 40 feet high mud wall that goes around the old city is also quite...

Al-Tahrir Square
The main public piazza of the city, this square acts as an intersection between two of Sana'a’s...

National Museum of Yemen
Address: al-Tahrir Square Timings: Saturdays to Thursdays 9am to 12noon, 3pm to 5pm. Fridays 9am...

Al-Sabeen Square
Address: al-Sabeen Street, off 60 Meters Street Named in remembrance of the two-month long siege...

Wadi al-Dahr
Address: 10 km outside Sana'a Tickets: YER 500 A green valley, a rural setting, open pastures, a...


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Sanaa - Yemen City Guide & Travel Information


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