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Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City Today
Formerly known as Saigon, the largest city in Vietnam is now a bustling city of commerce and culture and has helped drive the country forward economically. Vibrant Ho Chi Minh City boasts of festivities and events throughout the year, which are set ...
Ho Chi Minh City History
What we now call Ho Chi Minh City first began as a small fishing village called Prey Nokor or “Forest Kingdom.” The area was originally nothing but swampland and was taken up by the Khmer people for centuries before the Vietnamese arrived. ...

City Hall
Formerly known as the Hotel de Ville and rebranded as the People’s Committee Hall, the City Hall...

Bink Quoi Tourist Village
The Bink Quoi Tourist Village was built in 1994 by the Saigon Tourist Corporation. It is the...

Vien Bao Tang Lich Su (Museum of Vietnamese History)
The historical museum built in 1929 consists of a wide collection of artifacts depicting over 2,000...

Ho Chi Minh City Museum
Formerly known as the Revolutionary Museum and housed in the former building of the Government of...

Reunification Palace
The Reunification Palace, once referred to as Norodom’s Palace and Independence Palace, is a...

Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam City Guide & Travel Information


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