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Hanoi - Vietnam
Hanoi Today
Hanoi today is the leading center of scientific study and research in the country and has always been a centre for education and the arts. Retaining much of its older colonial charm, a fairly significant side effect of conflict has been to make ...
Hanoi History
Hanoi has made a fine capital for more than a thousand years; through several invasions, occupations, restorations, and name changes. The Nguyen Dynasty gave the city its modern name of Ha Noi in 1831, and in 1887, the French colonists made Hanoi ...

Hanoi Opera House
The Hanoi Opera House, also called Nha Hat Lon Ha Noi or Hanoi Municipal Theatre, is a landmark of...

Ho Chi Minh's Residence
Ho Chi Minh's residence is behind the Presidential Palace facing an exquisite landscaped lake. The...

Hanoi Presidential Palace
The Hanoi Presidential Palace is a grand colonial mansion next to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum which...

Ho Chi Minh Museum
The museum is a tribute to Ho Chi Minh's life; and cause, and there are personal items, photos, and...

Army Museum
The museum presents the Vietnamese side of the country's struggle against both the French and the...

Hanoi - Vietnam City Guide & Travel Information


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