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Washington DC - United States
Washington DC Today
The capital of the United States of America, Washington, is located in the District of Columbia and strategically bound on one side by the Potomac River ( giving it access to the sea) and bordered by the states of Virginia to the southwest and ...
Washington DC History
Originally designed by the French architect Pierre L’Enfant in 1791, it is hard to believe that its stately buildings once stood on a marshy swamp. George Washington created this special district as a federal power hub to avoid the problem of ...

Jefferson Memorial
A tribute to the primary author of the Declaration of Independence and the country's third...

Lincoln Memorial
A tribute to the country's 16th President, who led during the Civil War. The structure is designed...

The White House
The Presidential Palace, as it was once known, has changed a great deal over time with each new...

Arlington Cemetery
The grounds of Arlington Cemetery serve as a resting place for many national heroes and more than...

The Capitol
Sitting atop a high hill overlooking the National Mall and the wide avenues of the city beyond, the...

Washington DC - United States City Guide & Travel Information


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