Driving Tips

At the outset it is necessary to warn the tourist that driving around London is best avoided. Driving in Central London can be a slow, harrowing and frustrating experience. Parking is extremely expensive. To discourage traffic jams a Central London traffic congestion charge has been put into place. The charge is £ 8 if paid the same day and £ 10 if paid the next day. Payment can be made by phone, online and by voucher and it is possible to pay upto one year in advance.

Parking within any area marked by a zigzag or double yellow line is prohibited. On a red or double red line, even stopping is not allowed. Congestion charge is applicable even on hired cars, check before hiring as most car hire companies do not pay the charge but leave it to the driver to pay the cost independently.

Take care when driving with children; infants or small kids have to be placed in a baby seat.

Hiring a car is best if you are planning on visiting places near or around London such as Hampton Court, Brighton, Oxford or Stonehenge.