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Shopping in London - United Kingdom

Alfie's Antique Market - London

Alfie's Antique Market

A superb place for shoppers to discover 20th-century antiques is the massive labyrinth of Alfie's Antique Market. With almost 100 antique dealers selling a wide range of products, this is the largest collection of antiques and retro collectibles in England.   According to Bennie Gray, the...

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Ashford Designer Outlet - London

Ashford Designer Outlet

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Ashford is situated in the heart of the Garden of England, Kent. Designed by architect Lord Richard Rogers, this is one of Europe's most spectacular shopping destinations. It's conveniently located near Ashford town centre, adjacent to the International Eurostar...

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Bicester Village - London

Bicester Village

Bicester Village is one of the collection of Chic Outlet Shopping Villages that are littered across Europe. The area caters specifically to the luxury market so all you’ll find here are a bunch of designer boutiques.    Located in Oxfordshire countryside, Bicester village offers...

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Bond Street - London

Bond Street

Home to flagship stores of international designers such as Prada, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Gucci, Bond Street is as high street as it can get. If you’re willing to shell out money, there is something for everyone here, from jewellery, beauty products and furnishings to art pieces and gift...

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Camden Lock Market - London

Camden Lock Market

Camden Lock is located beside Regent’s Canal in Camden Town and was till 1994, the only market that was allowed to trade on Sundays. The market is best known for the craft items sold here. Increasingly, however many stalls selling music, collectables, military-surplus, jewelry, incense and...

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Carnaby Street - London

Carnaby Street

From the early 19th Century the Carnaby area was known as the place where hip, theatre lovers hung out. Its proximity to London’s West End, theatres, galleries and Savile Row theatres is largely responsible for turning Carnaby street into the place for creative bohemians.    Carnaby Street...

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Covent Garden - London

Covent Garden

  The Piazza at Covent Garden used to be ideal for spending time sipping coffee at one of the numerous cafes while enjoying a street performance or simply picking up some tidbits from the many craft stalls. Today, it is transforming into a hip and unique shopping destination.   There...

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Fopp - London


This all in one bookstore has everything you could ask for and some more. It has books, cds, dvds and technology products. Fopp is a reasonably priced store and is known for regular in-store performances and signings by many famous singers and bands. The range is extensive  1 Earlham St,...

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