Tower Bridge

For centuries, the only crossing of the Thames was the London Bridge.  By the nineteenth century, several other crossings had been built, but they were all in the wealthier west London neighborhoods.  The densely packed East End had no bridges, and a simple journey across the river could take hours.  By 1876 the problem could no longer be ignored.  A committee was formed and the design chosen belonged to the City Architect Sir Horace Jones, who coincidently was on the committee.  The bridge was built between 1886 and 1894.  Though some contemporary critics thought the bridge was tacky, it has since become one of London’s most iconic treasures.

Tower Bridge is 244m long and split into three spans.  The middle span consists of two bascules that are raised from the 65m towers.  A pedestrian crossing connects the tops of the two Victorian Gothic towers.  It was closed to the public in 1910 because it had become a haven for crime, but reopened in 1982.  The walkway features an exhibition dedicated to the history of London and the bridge.  The views are amazing.  The Tower Bridge is definitely worth a visit, especially considering it is one of the cheapest destinations in London.  The bridge can also be rented out for weddings and other events.

Telephone: +40 020 7403 3761
Metro: Tower Hill (District, Circle)
Hours: Daily 10:00-18:30
£8.00 Adults
£5.60 Seniors (60+)/Students
£3.40 Children (5-15)

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