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Tunis - Tunisia
Tunis Today
Tunis has become an attractive tourist spot in Africa, with wide coastlines, refreshing beaches and a variety of water activities on one end of the city. On the other end the city is surrounded by the blazing Sahara desert which stands as a ...
Tunis History
Tunis has been home to world’s greatest civilizations, including the Arabs, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Turks, Spanish and French, all of whom have left their marks on Tunisia’s monuments, culture, language and way of life. Tunis achieved ...

Built anew from the ruins of the Cathedral of Saint Louis, the Acropolium stands as a state of the...

Lake of Tunis
Lake of Tunis is one of the city’s most distinguishable sites. Located in the most posh district...

Dar Bach Hamba
A palace turned museum, the Dar Bach Hamba features exhibitions on cultural handicrafts along with...

Sidi Youssef Mosque
Built by the Ottoman leader Youssef Dey, the Sidi Youssef mosque holds great importance for the...

Kasbah Fortress
This landmark, though now in ruins, is a constant reminder to Tunisians of the struggle their...

Tunis - Tunisia City Guide & Travel Information


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