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Bangkok - Thailand
Bangkok Today
Bangkok at the moment is a tourist hot spot. The tourism industry is heavily promoted by the government and people like what Bangkok has to offer. Bangkok is the perfect manifestation of east meets west. Whilst locals party hard in the many clubs, ...
Bangkok History
Bangkok became the capital of Thailand in 1782 and since then has been the most renowned of Thailand's cities. Bangkok has grown particularly since it became the capital with the Thai Royal family commissioning a number of monuments and shrines that ...

The Royal Barges
Take a boat along the Chao Phraya River and stop over at the Royal Barges where visitors will be...

Ban Thai Museum
This is a fantastic museum showcasing Thai culture and living across various time periods. The...

Temple of the Holy Jewel Image
This is located within the grounds of the Grand Palace. It is home to a statue of Buddha made of...

The National Museum
This building was originally a palace until it was converted into a museum in the 1880s. It is a...

The Grand Palace
This is arguable the most famous of Bangkok's attractions. The Grand Palace which once housed the...

Bangkok - Thailand City Guide & Travel Information


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