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Zurich - Switzerland
Zurich Today
Though Zurich isn't the capital of Switzerland, it is the country's largest and most important city.  It is the economic hub of Switzerland and a center of international banking and finance.  The friendly business climate has also ...
Zurich History
Zurich has been consistently settled since the Roman Empire, though humans have lived in the area since prehistoric times.  The first historical reference is from 15BC, when a military base was established.  The nearby town was called ...

Grossmünster, or 'Gross Monster' as it's lovingly referred to by English speakers, is Zurich's...

Fraumünster, or Church of Our Lady, is one of Zurich's most important churches.  The original...

Swiss National Museum
The Swiss National Museum opened in 1898, seven years after its establishment.  The building...

The Schanzengraben is a canal that connects Lake Zurich to the Limmat, through the western end of...

Niederdorf and Oberdorf
Niederdorf and Oberdorf is the neighborhood located on the right bank of the Limmat River. ...

Zurich - Switzerland City Guide & Travel Information


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