Le Corbusier Center

 The Le Corbusier Center, home to the Heidi Weber Museum, was the final building designed by Le Corbusier, one of the seminal architects of the twentieth century.  He was born Charles-Edouart Jeanneret in a small city in eastern Switzerland in 1887.  He would shape the Modernist movement in architecture with his International Style, and his influence can be seen in cities throughout the world, even if his buildings aren't.

In 1960, Heidi Weber, a Zurich socialite and admirer of Le Corbusier, hired the architect to design an exhibition space in Zurich.  Construction began in 1964, but Le Corbusier did not live to see its completion.  He died in 1967 and the museum opened in 1967.  Unlike most of the architect's designs, which utilized concrete and stone, the Le Corbusier house was made of glass and steel.  The building consists of prefabricated cubes.  Multi-colored enamel plates give the outside its distinct appearance.

Le Corbusier was not just an architect.  He was also a prodigious painter and furniture designer, and many of his works are on display here.  The museum gives a nice overview of his life, his art, and architecture.  Le Corbusier is not as famous as his influence would mandate, so a visit here can be quite enlightening.

Unfortunately, the museum is rarely open -- only on weekend afternoons during summer.  It's definitely worth a visit if your in town at the right time, though.  Each year a different exhibition is on display.  The Le Corbusier Center is located in the middle of the Zurichhorn park, so you can at least get some pictures of this one-of-a-kind building.

Location: Hoeschgasse 8, Zurich
Telephone: +41 044 383 6470
Website: www.centrelecorbusier.com
Hours: Open July through September; Saturday and Sunday from 14:00-17:00
Admission: charge.

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