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The bus network of Madrid is known to be one of the biggest in Spain with coverage expanding to many remote suburbs as well. Operating day and night, the bus service is also economical at €1 for all fleet lines. Tickets are available on the bus and at the stations as well. Both state-owned and private buses operate within the city. The Madrid Municipal Transport Company (EMT), owned by Madrid Town Council offers group transport facility. Complete list of fares and itineraries are available through EMT Customer services at: 902 507 850 or

The suburban network of buses is green colored and is mostly privately owned. Tourist buses are double-decker buses that take the tourist across the city on three routes incorporating modern Madrid, Monumental Madrid and Historic Madrid. Tourist may leave the bus at any place they wish to. All the passengers get a map and the open deck provides good viewing. More details can be obtained at:  
 Madrid Vision
At: Calle Felipe IV
Tel: 917 651 016
Ticket information: 917 791 888 (Monday to Friday, from 09:00-14:00 and 16:00-19:00)
The main Madrid bus stations include the following:
Estación Sur Menendez Álvaro
Tel: 914 684 200
Metro stop: Menendez Álvaro (circular line 6)

Avenida de América Transfer Station
Tel: 917 456 300
Metro stop: Avenida de América

Empresa Ruiz Station
Tel: 914 680 850
Metro stop: Atocha

La Sepulveda Station
Tel: 915 304 800
Metro stop: Principe Pío

More information regarding public transport is obtainable by calling 012 or 915 804 260. Alternatively visit www.ctm-madrid.ed for further details.

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