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Seoul - South Korea
Seoul today
With almost 11 million people, Seoul is the largest city of the Republic of Korea and is also the economic, political and cultural hub of the country. Though it had a bit of a reputation for pollution, strict emission laws have brought that into ...
Seoul History
The history of the city dates back as far as 18BC, when it was established as a small settlement. The Wiryeseong site found inside the boundaries of modern day Seoul hints that it was once the capital of Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. ...

Gyeongbok-gung Palace
Located in Yulgukno, it is Seoul's most spectacular palace and was the pinnacle of power for...

Changdeok-gung Palace
Also located in Yulgukno, it is another one of Seoul's most spectacular palaces and is second only...

The Old Eastern Gate of the city, though not as impressive as Namdaemun, it is still a good site to...

Boramae Park
Once the site of the Korean Air Force Academy, it symbolizes the Air Force. The word Boramae means...

Deoksu-gung Palace
It is located in downtown Seoul cross the street from City Hall. This palace was built in the...

Seoul - South Korea City Guide & Travel Information


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