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Cape Town - South Africa
Cape Town today
Cape Town is the cultural and political capital of South Africa. It is arguably the most important of the cities in South Africa. Today too, Cape Town’s natural beauty has been well preserved [Table Mountain, Cape Town’s many beaches, ...
Cape Town History
Historically Cape Town has always been an important city. Due to its status as a port/harbor it attracted the Dutch East India Trading Company who established their posts here in the early 1650s to facilitate trade with India, the Far East and the ...

Castle of Good Hope
Dating back to the Portuguese occupation of this area in the mid 1600s, the castle was built from...

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
This has to be one of the most stunning attractions in all of Cape Town. Another renowned tourist...

This is a beautiful place where the natural beauty of the landscape is almost overwhelming. Amidst...

Table Mountain
The aerial cable cars take tourists around the table mountain, Cape Town’s most distinctive...

Robben Island
This island is probably the most glorious of Cape Town’s attractions, all the more so because of...

Cape Town - South Africa City Guide & Travel Information


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