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Singapore - Singapore
Singapore Today
The advantageous location of the country along with crime free environment which encourages the functioning of free market economy has made Singapore one of the most swiftly progressing states in Asia. Apart from this, due to cheap availability of ...
Singapore History
The pioneer of the current city of Singapore is Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles an officer of the British East India Company, who came in search of a novel harbor for the company to monitor the trade activities in the island of Malay. The voyage which ...

Carlsberg Sky Tower
The Carlsberg Tower is Asia's tallest public observation tower. Tourists can enjoy a full 360...

Botanical Gardens
Established in 1859 this 52 hectare park offers a diverse range of flora which allows you to enjoy...

Night Safari
The only place in Singapore where you can enjoy the night out in wild surroundings among nocturnal...

Zoological Garden
The zoo houses a wide variety of caged animals some of them for conservation purposes due to their...

Mandai Orchard Garden
Situated in close proximity to the Zoological Gardens, the Mandai Orchard garden offers the most...

Singapore - Singapore City Guide & Travel Information


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