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Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
Riyadh Today
Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia and is the country's largest metropolis. It is the traditional homeland of the ruling Saud family. Riyadh is an increasingly modern city with many roads and modern transportation networks. At the seat of ...
Riyadh History
An inconsequential oasis town of under 10,000 people only a century ago, Riyadh (more specifically, the neighboring town of Diriyah) is the ancestral home of the al-Sauds, The Saudi Royal Family. Driven out by the Rashids clan in 1891, King ...

Kingdom Centre
Kingdom Centre Daily 4-9 PM. Kingdom Center is situated in Al-Urubah Road between King Fahd Road...

National Museum
Opened in 1999, this museum is undoubtedly one of the top sites in Riyadh. The museum is infused...

Dirab Golf & Country club
This attraction is a thirty minute drive west of Riyadh. It features a traditional country club...

Riyadh Zoo
The park is located in the Malaz area, east of Al-Ahsa Street and North Street Musab bin Amir....

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia City Guide & Travel Information


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