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Makkah - Saudi Arabia
Makkah today
One of the oldest cities in the region and home to the most holy of all Muslim sites (Christian and Jewish too for some), Makkah receives over 3.5 million people alone during the Hajj season, and well over 15 million people throughout the year. This ...
Makkah History
The history of Makkah dates all the way to the time of Prophet Abraham, when he left the suckling Ishmael along with his mother, Hajra  under a tree on the hillock. Years later, Abraham returned and, on God’s orders, built the Ka'aba. The ...

Ka'aba, Hajr-e-Aswad, Hatim and the Maqaam-e-Ibrahim
Thought to be initially built by the angels, then by Adam (AS). Destroyed in the flood of Noah, it...

These are the devils that were cast into stones. As part of Hajj, pilgrims have to throw seven...

This is the mountain where the first revelations of the Qura'an reached the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)...

This is a mosque located on the outskirts of Makkah. It serves as a Meeqat, or point where one can...

Makkah - Saudi Arabia City Guide & Travel Information


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