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Moscow - Russia
Moscow Today
Moscow, capital of Russia, is one of the largest metropolises in the world with an ever growing population. Moscow is a place where life is constantly on the move- a fact which is reflected in the opening of new restaurants, clubs and shopping malls ...
Moscow History
Moscow, historically, was the foundation of the Russian state. Ivan the Great following the Mongol invasion of areas surrounding Moscow, warded of these invaders and consolidated the Russian state from Moscow.   Moscow as a city grew in different ...

Alexandrovsky Gardens
These gardens are lovely to take a stroll through. At the entrance of the garden, a marble monument...

The Kremlin
This massive fortress was built in the 12 th century to protect against invasion. It is a...

St. Basil's Cathedral
This was built in the 1500s to commemorate Russia's victory over the Mongol Tartars in 1555....

Cathedral Square
Every Saturday at noon the changing of the guards ceremony occurs at this square. The ceremony is...

Red Staircase
This is located right next to the Cathedral of the Annunciation. It is famous for being climbed up...

Moscow - Russia City Guide & Travel Information


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