Bucharest, Romania


Buses, Trams and Trolley Buses

Bus stations and stops are found at every turn in Bucharest. The network is dense and busy because most people prefer to use buses to move around. Most new buses have a screen and automatic announcement systems that alert the passengers of an upcoming station. Most tourist prefer to travel on buses or trolleys compared to a subway because they want to enjoy the sightseeing and scenery if you are travelling to the suburbs.
The most common form of getting a ticket to one of the buses is the paper ticket issued at the station which costs 1.3 lei. This ticket has to be validated once you are on the bus. However, most visitors and local prefer to buy an Activ card. This card can be loaded with various travel options as per your days’ plans. Buying the Activ card can help you be carefree and enjoy your trip. Travelers caught without either of these are heavily fined with a 50 lei penalty. So be sure to buy your ticket and validate it as soon as you are on the bus!


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