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Bucharest - Romania
Bucharest Today
Located between the Transylvanian Mountains and the Black Sea, Bucharest is mistakenly an overlooked tourist destination. Its true beauty hidden behind old communal buildings requires tourists to dig deeper into the city’s colourful history and ...
Bucharest History
Romanian legend narrates vivid accounts of a shepherd named ‘Burr’ (joy) after whom Bucharest was named. The shepherd was famous for the wine he sold from the city’s vineyards and the melodious tunes he played on his flute. He created a small ...

Revolution Square
One of the most famous corners of Bucharest is the revolution square where majority of the most...

Art Museum
Whether you are an art fanatic or not, visiting this museum is a must. The paintings in this former...

Cismigui Gardens
The17 hectares of greenery of the Cismigui Gardens have great significance for Bucharest. It is the...

Carol Park
Located near Piata Unirii, Carol is a quick get away for tired tourists and over worked locals in...

Bucharest History Museum
As part of the Sutu Palace, the Bucharest History Museum is a precise and complete picture of the...

Bucharest - Romania City Guide & Travel Information


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