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Doha - Qatar
Doha Today
In the last few decades Doha has transformed from a small city to a major regional center.  The crux of Doha's economy is oil and especially natural gas.  Tiny Qatar has the world's third largest proven reserves of natural gas.  That ...
Doha History
The Qatari Peninsula has been settled by various civilizations for millenia.  Modern Doha was the site of a small fishing village known as Al-Bida prior to 1825.  When the first Al Thani sheikh took control of Qatar, he made Doha its ...

Souk Waqif
Though it has been built relatively recently, the Souq Waqif is the best place to go if for a...

Doha Zoo
Children and adults will love the diversity of fauna housed here. Over 1500 kinds of animals from...

Palm Tree Island
This is arguably Doha’s most well known and definitely the most popular attraction. Located in...

Al Bidda Park
This park is a wonderful area to unwind. Adults can relax and have a good time while children amuse...

Islamic Arts Museum
The exterior of this museum is magnificent. The architectural style is extremely contemporary and...

Doha - Qatar City Guide & Travel Information


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