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Oslo - Norway
Oslo Today
Oslo’s geographic location at the head of an over one hundred kilometer-wide fjord makes it a naturally stunning city and opens up a number of activities that give the city its lively and culturally aware feel. With most sites easily accessible on ...
Oslo History
Oslo is the oldest of the Scandinavian capitals and was founded in 1049 by the Norwegian King Harald Hardrade. Arcahealogical findings have discovered human remains dating before 1000, leading the city to celebrate its millennium in 2000. The look ...

Norway’s Parliament building
Norway’s Parliament building is located in Oslo’s city center, right across from the Royal...

The National Gallery
The National Gallery in Oslo houses the nation’s largest collection of Norwegian art and many of...

Gamle Aker Kirke
Gamle Aker Kirke is Oslo’s oldest building, built in 1080. It is located north on the city center...

Oslo’s City Hall (Radhuset)
Oslo’s City Hall (Radhuset) was inaugurated in 1950. Its quality as a building has been hotly...

The Botanical Gardens
The Botanical Gardens are a large oasis in the middle of Oslo. The gardens collect plants from...

Oslo - Norway City Guide & Travel Information


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