Christchurch, New Zealand



Riding a bicycle is a popular way to commute around the city and its suburbs. New Zealanders like to enjoy light modes of transport because the city’s beauty is too attractive to be missed out on! Rent a bicycle to enjoy the greenery and calm environment of the residential areas while you cycle your way through the important sites and monuments.
Special cycling paths have also been made on main roads, Hagley Park and along the Avon River side to ensure riders can drive smoothly while they explore the city’s beauty.

Some bike rentals in Christchurch are as follows:

City Cycle Hire
Phone: +64-3-3775952
Fax: +64-3-3775953

Natural High
Location: 130B Montreal Street
   Christchurch, 8023
Phone: +64 3 982 2966
Fax: +64 3 982 2967

Banbury Tours
Phone: +64 3 377 5952
Around Again Cycles
Location: 620 Ferry Road

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