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Kathmandu - Nepal
Kathmandu Today
Unfortunately since the beginning of 2000, Kathmandu has experienced political instability which mars its colourful heritage. On 1st June, 2001, Crown Prince Dipendra massacred his immediate family including his father, King Birendra, his mother ...
Kathmandu History
To discover the history of Kathmandu is really to discover the history of the Newars, who are the main inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley. The foundation of the city dates back to the 12th century AD, during the Malla dynasty. The southern half of ...

Kasthamandap (Pavilion of the Wood)
A three-roof building that according to local lore was constructed in the 12th century from the...

Rani Pokhari
A fence enclosed tank, just off Kantipath is said to have been built by King Pratap Malla for his...

Garden of Dreams
Tel: +9771 442 5340 Price: Adult/child: Rs 160/40 Opening Time: 9am-10pm Beautifully restored,...

Bhimsen Tower (Dharahara)
Tel: 4215616 Price: Rs 299 Opening Time: 8am-8pm A white tower in the old town, this place has...

Kathmandu - Nepal City Guide & Travel Information


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