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The Republic of Maldives, is an island country consisting of 26 atolls (or islands of coral and within these atolls are 1,192 islets, out of which only 200 are inhabited. It is geographically located at the south-west of Sri Lanka and it stretches out from India's Lakshadweep islands to Minicoy Island and the Chagos Archipelago.  The Maldives is surrounded by the Indian Ocean.
Capital: Male

Population: 360,000
Dialing code: 960
Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)

Ethnic mix: Most Maldivians are descendants of Sinhalese people who came from Sri Lanka. Some are descendants of people from southern India and Arab traders and sailors. The predominant religion of Maldives is Islam. Most Maldivians belong to the Sunni Muslim sect.

Languages: Dhivehi, English

Time zone: UTC  +5        

Average January Temperatures: 86 F˚

Average July Temperatures: 86 F˚

Annual Rainfall: 250 cm
Maldives International telephone code
The international country calling code of the Maldives is +960.
Maldives City Area Telephone Codes
+960 331, 2, 3 - Male

Emergency Nos:
Medical Aid:  102
Police/emergency: 119
Fire: 118

If you need to contact the police whilst you are at the airport then you should dial 3329354. Alternatively, you can contact the police command centre directly by dialing 3322111.
Number of internally displaced people since the tsunami: 11, 000
Percentage of population living in Male’:27%
Number of atolls: 26
Number of shark attacks since 1976: none
Percentage of GDP spent on defence: 5.5%
Inflation: 6.8%
Percentage of the country that is water: 99.9%
GDP per capita: US$2509 

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