Visa Information

No pre-arrival visa is required to enter Maldives. A 30 day free visa is issued on arrival for all nationalities, provided the following conditions are met (a) they possess a valid passport (with 6 months minimum validity) and (b) they have a valid ticket to continue the journey out of Maldives. Citizens of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal are given a 90-day free visa. To stay longer visitors need to apply for a visa or leave the country when the 90 days are up, then return.
Visitors are officially supposed to show US$30 for every day’s stay though this is not usually enforced, and showing a credit card will usually placate concerns. However, if asked by immigration officials, one should know the name of the hotel where ones residing and be able to show a return air ticket out of the country.
For further information, please contact
Honorary Consulate of Maldives in UAE
Office No. 13, Medina Road
PO Box 5995
Zip code 21432
Saudi Arabia
(+966-2) 6608411, 6612151)
(+966-2) 6611755)