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Transportation - Getting Around in Beirut - Lebanon

Buses - Beirut


Buses can be a convenient way of getting around the city, though the system is not at all comprehensive.  The private red and white buses are run by the Lebanese Commuting Company (LCC).  Free route maps are available at tourist information offices.  LCC buses transport commuters all over...

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Car Rental - Beirut

Car Rental

Most major rent-a-car companies have offices in Beirut.  An international driver's license is required.

Advanced Car Rental:

+961 01 99 98 84/5


+961 01 36 71 24
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Driving Tips - Beirut

Driving Tips

Public transportation in Beirut is definitely lacking.  The best way to get around Beirut, and Lebanon as a whole, is to drive.  Car rentals can be pretty expensive, but it’s somewhat offset by the cheap cost of fuel.
Your biggest threat is going to come from other...

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From the Airport - Beirut

From the Airport

Rafik Hariri International Airport is Lebanon’s main airport.  It’s not too far from the city, but there is no public transportation link.  The best option is a taxi.  The airport operates its own fleet of taxis, but they are more expensive.  You can take also try one of the many...

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Taxi - Beirut


Taxis are readily available throughout Beirut and are often the most convenient way to get around.  Yellow taxis are the most expensive.  Shared taxis are much cheaper.  Cabs are not always metered, so try to negotiate the fare beforehand to avoid any...

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