The residents of Beirut are educated, widely travelled and savvy. They are outward looking and ready to embrace new developments. With uncertain political conditions and the threat of war a constant factor, Beirutis it is said, party hard and live each day as if it may be their last. Their zest for living is reflected in their lifestyle, most prominent being their sense of dressing. Residents of Beirut are perhaps the most fashion conscious race in the world!

The population of Beirut comprises an almost equal number of Muslims (Shia and Sunni) and Christians (Maronite, Greek Orthodox, Greek-Catholic Melkites, Armenians, Copts). A sizeable number of Palestinian refugees also live in Beirut.

Arabic is the official language but most residents are polyglots and are equally at ease with French as well as English.

A most sociable lot, the residents of Beirut go all out to help tourists in any way they can.