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General Information About Beirut - Lebanon

Annual Temperature:  - Beirut

Annual Temperature:

a- January
              Average Max- 17 ◦C
              Average Min- 11 ◦C

b- February                 Max-17◦C

c- March

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Beirut History - Beirut

Beirut History

The first mention of Beirut in the history books comes from more than 3,000 years ago.  Named for “the wells”, or Berytus, thanks to its vast reserves of fresh water, it was a Canaanite port built on two hills which came together to form a peninsula into the Mediterranean.  The city hit...

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Beirut Today - Beirut

Beirut Today

Beirut has had a tumultuous past, but like the phoenix it keeps rising from the ashes.  Forget about the bombings, riots, and violence – Beirut is an amazing city that pulsates with life.  New construction, as well as restoration, abounds. Beirut is the...

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Exchange Rates - Beirut

Exchange Rates

{loadposition currency}
The local currency is the Lebanese Pound, or as locally referred to, the “Lira”. The terms livre (French), pound (English), and lira (Arabic) are used interchangeably, and the currency’s abbreviation is LL (Livre Libanaise) or LBP (Lebanese Pound).In Lebanon...

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Fast Facts - Beirut

Fast Facts

Location: Middle East, south west part of Lebanon it is the capital and a port.
    Dialing code: Country +961
                                  : City 01
    Emergency numbers:

•    Ambulance: (01) 865 561 Read More

Public Holidays - Beirut

Public Holidays

•    1 January-New Year’s Day
•    6 January—Christmas (Armenian Community)
•    9 February--St. Maroun’s Day
•    Prophet’s Day-- Varies depending on the Muslim calendar
•    Easter (Western)--- Varies depending on the...

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Residents - Beirut


The residents of Beirut are educated, widely travelled and savvy. They are outward looking and ready to embrace new developments. With uncertain political conditions and the threat of war a constant factor, Beirutis it is said, party hard and live each day as if it may be their last. Their zest for...

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Visa Information - Beirut

Visa Information

Visa requirements for Lebanon Passports: Passports valid for 6 months are required by all.

G.C.C. and citizens of Jordan: The Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and United Arab of...

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