Kuwait, Kuwait



Cuisine - Indian
This internationally known restaurant chain is by far the best stop for Indian cuisine in the country. Owned by the famous Indian singer Asha Bonsle, the restaurant is just as versatile and lively as she is, offering diners with the finest in Indian culinary, in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian, incorporating flavours and recipes from all corners of the subcontinent. This restaurant is a popular choice among locals as well as tourists, catering to taste buds at an international level.
Marina Mall, Seaside
Salmiya, Kuwait
Tel - +965 224 4502/ 224 4503
Fax - +965 224 4504
Email - ashamarina@alshaya.com

Al Rai, Kuwait
Tel - +965 495 4700
Fax - +965 495 4695
Email - ashasavenue@alshaya.com
Website - http://www.ashasrestaurants.com/

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