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Kuwait - Kuwait
Kuwait today
Kuwait, officially known as the State of Kuwait, small, sovereign oil-rich country, holding 10% of the worlds oil reserves. The country has the world's fifth largest oil reserves and its petroleum products constitute for nearly 95% of export ...
Kuwait History
The name Kuwait is derived from “akwat", or "kout", in Arabic meaning ‘fortress’. The history of Kuwait can be traced back as early as the 4th century BC, with the invasion of the Greeks who colonized the land and was later taken over by ...

Kuwait Towers
The Kuwait towers stand as the unofficial symbol of Kuwait. The taller of the two towers stands at...

Grand Mosque
The largest mosque in Kuwait, and located in a prime location just opposite to the Seif Palace, the...

Souk Sharq
For all the shopping enthusiasts who visit Kuwait, Souk Sharq cannot be missed. This shopping...

Kuwait Musical Fountain
A very popular and fascinating tourist destination, the musical fountain located at Al Murqab...

Green Island in Kuwait
A top relaxation destination for all tourists who just want to have the perfect getaway and enjoy...

Kuwait - Kuwait City Guide & Travel Information


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