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Amman - Jordan
Amman Today
Modern Amman is an eclectic mix of the present and the past.  It is one of the most modern and liberal cities in the Middle East, but you wouldn't know looking at the historic architecture.  New skyscrapers are being built in Abdali in ...
Amman History
Amman has been settled for millenia. From the Chalcolithic Period (c. 4000 – 3000 BCE), Amman became the capital of the Ammonites as Rabbath-Ammon, which later fell to the Assyrians.  During the Greek and Roman period, the city was renamed ...

Al Husseini Mosque
The King Hussein Mosque, also known as the Al Husseini Mosque, is located in the heart of downtown...

Immortalized in film in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (and Transformers 2 among others), the...

Amman Citadel
It's easy to forget that Amman is an ancient city, settled for thousands of years.  When it...

Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is a unique environment.  It is so named because nothing can live in the...

Jerash (or Gerasa as it used to be known) is one of the best preserved Roman cities outside of...

Amman - Jordan City Guide & Travel Information


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