University of Jordan

The University of Jordan is one of the best universities in the Middle East.  Established in 1962, it was Jordan's first university.  Today more than 37,000 students are enrolled here, including 32,000 undergraduates.

The campus is lovely and covers 700 acres of northwest Amman.  It was once a pine forest, and the campus is still covered in trees.  The buildings are a little run down for such a good university, but they exude the spirit of Amman.  There is a small archaeological museum on campus (the National Heritage Museum), with exhibits that were excavated during the university's constructions.

If you want to visit the campus, you'll need a visitors pass, as there are guards posted at each entrance to check student and faculty IDs.  There isn't a lot of green space in Amman, so a trip to the university can be a nice way to relax and take in some nature.


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