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Tokyo - Japan
Tokyo Today
Tokyo is the capital of Japan and one of the major global cities of the world. The divergence in architectural styles shows just how far Tokyo has come from being a traditional Japanese village to becoming one of the major power centers of the world ...
Tokyo History
Tokyo started out as Edo; a little known traditional fishing village. In the beginning of the 17th century Edo was made a capital of sorts by the Shogun Ieyasu. Under his rule, Edo became larger in terms of population size and in terms of the power ...

Panasonic Center
Japan is famed for the rapid technological advances it has made and the high quality electronics...

Edo-Tokyo Museum
This museum showcases the evolution of the city of Tokyo through the ages; in particular from 1590-...

East Garden
This is one of Tokyo’s most gorgeous gardens. It is located near the Imperial Palace and spread...

The Imperial Palace
Much of the palace is closed, however, tourists can stroll the grounds of the palace where the once...

Tokyo - Japan City Guide & Travel Information


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