Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum is a grand museum and is well worth a visit. It showcases the marvelous history and culture of Japan. The pieces on display are stunning, some archaic all allowing visitors to appreciate the richness of Japanese heritage. The museum comprises the Japanese gallery which contains Japanese arts and crafts; Samurai swords and armory, ceramics, Buddhist sculptures, textiles and calligraphy. The Asian gallery contains archaeological finds from all over Asia especially China but also from Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Iran, Turkey even Egypt. These relics include some statues of Buddha, some jewelry, paintings, frescoes and ceramics. Some objects date as far back as 2000 B.C. The Heiseikan gallery showcases archaeological finds from within Japan itself with relics dating back to various periods in Japans history including the Jomon Period and Yayoi period, therefore displaying pieces dating as far back as 10000 B.C. The Horyuji Treasures gallery showcases Buddhist statues and ornaments from the Horyuji temple in Nara.  A fifth building of the museum known as the Hyokeikan houses special exhibitions.  
Timings: Tues- Sun 9 30 A.M- 5 P.M
Admission: Adults: Y600; Students: Y400; Senior citizens and children: free
Address: Ueno Park, Taito-ku
Tel: 03-3822-1111

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