Venice, Italy


Buses and Metro

In Venice, public boats are called vaporetti and motoscafi and they are running constantly, after every few minutes. The most frequently used waterbus by tourists is the local one numbered No. 1 and it stops 13 times between the Piazzale Roma and the Piazza San Marco. For details on boat routes, see
The usual fare for a waterbus or autobus is very high €6,50 for one hour. For those who plan to travel extensively by public transportation it is advisable to get a 12- to 72-hour "tourist travel card" from ACTV, the Venice transit authority. This will save a lot of money. In addition to this a Cartavenezia card is also available for residents, students, and visitors who are planning on staying on for a while as it offers large discounts on public-transportation fares. This card is not practical for short-term visitors.
When traveling in a small boat if a ticket booth does not exist, ask the conductor for a ticket (biglietto) as soon as you board the vaporetto. Traveling without a ticket could result in a heavy fine and public embarrassment. 

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