Dublin, Ireland



Buses in Dublin are convenient and ubiquitous.  They operate from 05:00-23:30 daily.  The charge varies based on destination, but shouldn't ever be more than a few Euros.  Only coins are accepted, no bills.  If you don't have exact change, ask the driver for a receipt that can be exchanged at the Dublin Bus Head Office.  There are also several 24-hour "Nitelink" routes that run throughout the night.  They charge a flat fee of €5.00.

Routes can be confusing for visitors.  There are more than 200 routes throughout Dublin and its suburbs, and there is no method to the route numbering.  The final stop is displayed on each bus, but intermediate stops are not.  Be sure to check out a map so you know exactly which route and stop to take.

Rechargeable, prepaid tickets are available which are good on all the city's buses and trains, plus a number of other transit services.  It's definitely a worthwhile investment for tourists.

Address: Dublin Bus Head Office, 59 Upper O’Connell Street, Dublin 1
Website: www.dublinbus.ie


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