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Dublin - Ireland
Dublin Today
For the last few decades, the population of Dublin city-proper has hovered around 500,000.  Today an additional million people live in the metro area.  Recent years have seen unprecedented growth in Dublin and throughout Ireland, known ...
Dublin History
The first mention of Dublin in history books date back to 140AD, when the Roman astronomer Ptolemy wrote about an ancient Irish settlement known as Eblana.  Modern Dublin dates back to the the mid-ninth century as a Viking settlement known as ...

The Custom House
The Custom House was built between 1781 and 1791 by James Gandon.  As its name would imply, it...

Malahide Castle
Malahide Castle is one of the oldest in Ireland.  The estate was founded 1185 for Richard...

Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle is steeped in the rich history of Ireland.  It was first built in the early...

Phoenix Park
Phoenix Park is one of Europe's largest urban parks at more than 1700 acres.  It was...

Iveagh Gardens
The Iveagh Gardens are one of Dublin's great hidden treasures.  They're actually located just...

Dublin - Ireland City Guide & Travel Information


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