The Custom House

The Custom House was built between 1781 and 1791 by James Gandon.  As its name would imply, it served as the Customs House for the port of Dublin.  The Neoclassical facade and its signature dome became a symbol of Dublin, even after the port moved downstream.  It became the center of the city's local government (and a symbol of the English occupation) until 1922, when the interior was burned by the Irish Republican Army.

The main attraction here is the architecture, as most of the building is closed to visitors.  Both the interior and the exterior were fully restored in the 1980s.  The dome is a darker color, as a different marble was used during its reconstruction.  Today the Custom's House houses Ireland's Department of the Environment, Community, and Local Government.

Location: Custom house Quay, Dublin
Telephone: +353 01 878 7660

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