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Tehran - Iran
Tehran today
The city of Tehran is not described as ‘pleasant’ by most but a few days getting to know the place will allow you to unearth unexpected treasures. It is clearly divided into the affluent north and the gritty south. Both parts of the city have ...
Tehran History
‘Tehran’ in the local Farsi language means ‘at the foot of the slope’ which is obviously a description of the city’s location at the foot of the majestic Alborz mountains. It has been the capital of Iran for 200 years, making one of the ...

Emam Khomeini Mosque
in the bazaar area, a beautifully made mosque. ...

Azadi Square and Tower
the landmark and icon of Tehran, the Azadi tower is located to the west of the city. Its unique...

Milad Tower
Only a short metro ride north of the city is the Milad tower which features a 435m radio and...

The mausoleum of Imam Zadeh Saleh
 is also worthy of a visit. The beautiful mosque dates back to the 8th century AD. ...

Golestan Palace and Gardens
is a beautiful complex of monuments built by the Qajar ruler Nasser al-Din Shah in the Imam...

Tehran - Iran City Guide & Travel Information


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