Isfahan, Iran



The most economical, and usually the fastest, way to traverse the city is to travel by public buses and coaches. These are plentiful, with a variety of routes that cover even the remotest parts of town. Unlike most buses in other Asian and Middle Eastern countries, buses in Isfahan tend to be quite comfortable when it comes to seats.

Tickets are cheap, costing around IR 200, and are purchased before boarding from kiosks placed at the bus stops. Buses arrive in quick succession, but you may be disappointed to find that your desired bus will often show up very late, as service is unpredictable during peak hours.

Buses have separate seating for men and women. Men are seated in the front, and women on the seats towards the back. This could make it inconvenient if you are a couple and are not sure as to which stop you have to get off, so try to stay close to the divider in the middle of the bus.


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