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Bali - Indonesia
Bali today
A few decades ago, the main forms of income for Bali were agricultural. Today, tourism is the single largest source of income for the Balinese. At least one member of every household is employed in the tourism industry. There was a sharp decline in ...
Bali History
Bali was ruled by the Javanese who laid the foundations of the Balinese culture today. Bali became the melting pot for everything related to religion and culture for Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. However, Bali was conquered by the Dutch settlers in ...

Mt. Batur
This is an active volcano and tour operators will take you all the way up to the crater. But that...

Tegallalang Rice Terrace
Bali is famous for its rice paddy fields and a visit to Bali would be incomplete without a tour of...

Nusa Penida
This is a small island located off the coast of Bali, perfect for snorkeling, diving and sailing....

Pura Tana Lot:
This is a small rock formation off the coast of Bali and is famous for the pilgrimage temple...

This is a temple located on the top of the cliff of the Bukit Peninsula. It was initially made...

Bali - Indonesia City Guide & Travel Information


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