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Budapest - Hungary
Budapest Today
Hungary was one of the first European countries to herald the end of communism in the summer of 1989, eclipsed by the fall of the Berlin Wall two weeks later. The monuments of the dictatorship were taken down from public places, into Memento Park. ...
Budapest History
The beginnings of Budapest can be traced back to 1 AD when the Celts first settled in the region. Later the Romans took over and made the site a fortified military camp which lasted until 829 AD when the victory of the Bulgarian army over the Holy ...

Royal Palace (Buda Castle)
Location: Budavari Palota Having been levelled and rebuilt at least a dozen times during the last...

A fortress that never saw battle, it was erected by the Hasburgs after the 1848-49 War of...

Liberty Monument
A 14m statue of a lady with the palm frond, she symbolises freedom throughout Budapest. Erected in...

Chain Bridge
If you can walk across only one of the city’s three bridges that join Buda and Pest together,...

Margaret Island
This island doesn’t have any famous landmarks but is a great spot for sports and other activities...

Budapest - Hungary City Guide & Travel Information


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