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Helsinki - Finland
Helsinki Today
Helsinki is a city of great attractions. If you want to experience night life, follow the latest trends and feel thrilled with new experiences, Helsinki is the place to be. This pocketsize metropolis has developed to the extent of being named the ...
Helsinki History
For much of its history, Helsinki had remained a small town, overshadowed by the bigger regions it neighbors, plagued by poverty and destitution. Being under Swedish influence, the city was not able to thrive on its own and develop a culture, aura ...

Esplanadi Park
Esplanadi Park is located right in the center of Helsinki with lush green lawns that are crowded by...

Senate Square
Senate Square is the most popular destination within Helsinki. It was built by a famous Russian...

Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art
This Museum has all the contemporary work of Finnish artists and those from neighboring countries....

Three Smiths Statue
Rich art is depicted in every alley way and intersection of Helsinki. The Three Smiths Statue is a...

Statue of Mannerheim
Situated along the Mannerheim Street in the heart of Helsinki is this statue of the great Finnish...

Helsinki - Finland City Guide & Travel Information


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