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Sharm el Sheikh - Egypt
Sharm el Sheikh Today
The modern city is called ‘Sharm’ by the local Egyptians. Sharm of today has five important regions that make it a very important metropolitan area in Egypt. It harbors a chunk of tourist sites and attractions. The little Buddha, a sushi bar, ...
Sharm el Sheikh History
The Sharm of today was called ‘Ofira’ during the Israeli activity of Egypt between 1967 and 1982. It was originally a fishing port inhabited by a few people and local fishermen. However, it expanded its boundaries over the years and turned into ...

Sharm El Sheikh is a beautiful city with several beaches for the tourists to enjoy at. The beaches...

Chapel of the Burning Bush
This chapel is of great religious respect to many. It is located on a small distance from the...

Mount Sinai
This name is usually referred to the range of several Mountains near Sharm El Sheikh. These...

Naama Bay
This bay intricately shows the fusion of Sharm El Sheikh past with its developed present. It...

St Catherine Monastery
This monastery is one of the oldest in the world and is considered a delight for connoisseur of...

Sharm el Sheikh - Egypt City Guide & Travel Information


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