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Copenhagen - Denmark
Copenhagen Today
The contemporary city of Copenhagen, with its intricate architectural designs, historical places, state-of-the art infrastructure is the cosmopolitan capital of Denmark. Home to over 1.1 million inhabitants, the city is the oldest and most strategic ...
Copenhagen History
The foundation and creation of Copenhagen was credited to a great warrior in the 11th Century named Bishop Absalon.  The development and progress as a trading centre can be attributed to proximity to a harbor and abundant fishing facilities. ...

Christiania is a small town in Copenhagen which was founded in 1971 by a bunch of hippies who took...

The Opera house
Featuring music concerts and operas, this Opera house was built recently in 2005. A magnificent...

Frederiksberg Palace and Gardens
The Frederiksberg Palace and Gardens have a history which dates back to the 1699 when the place...

Frederiksberg Town Hall
In order to govern and administer the district of Frederiksberg, the town hall was founded between...

Amalienborg Palace
Consisting of four palaces in close proximity of each other, the Amalienborg Palace is the...

Copenhagen - Denmark City Guide & Travel Information


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