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Prague - Czech Republic
Prague Today
Since the Velvet Revolution in 1989, Prague has opened its doors to international visitors and garnered the reputation of a crowded, touristy, party filled place. The city has devoted itself to cleaning up its act but some would argue that you ...
Prague History
Like any major city, Prague’s origins are based on legends. According to the myth, the site of Prague was founded by Libuse, a daughter of an ancient Czech ruler, and the man she chose to be her husband, Premysl. Their decedents would later build ...

Prague Castle
You cannot visit Prague without visiting its most famous landmark. Founded in the 9th century by...

Astronomical Clock
Old Town Hall Times: the chiming times are every hour on the hour from 9am to 9pm Don’t bother...

Municipal House
Full of Czech symbolism, this building is Art Nouveau homage to nationalism. There is a mosaic...

Old Town Bridge Tower
One of Prague’s original town fortifications, you can recognize it by its blackened appearance....

Powder Tower
Standing at 65m over one of the Old Town’s original gates, this used to be an 18th century gun...

Prague - Czech Republic City Guide & Travel Information


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