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Montreal - Canada
Montreal Today
Before the 1970s, Montreal was Canada’s most prominent city.  Due to poor investments and bad luck, it has since lost that position to Toronto.  It remains the second largest city in Canada, and is the capital of Quebec.  It is also ...
Montreal History
Various Native American tribes – the Huron, Algonquin, and Iroquois – have inhabited the Montreal area for thousands of years.  The Europeans arrived on the scene in 1535, when Jacques Cartier arrived on Montreal Island (named for Mount ...

Bonsecours Market
The Bonsecours Market is located in one of Montreal’s most spectacular heritage buildings. ...

Place Jacques-Cartier
Named for the French explorer, this open plaza covers several blocks near the old port. It is a...

Notre Dame Basilica
Notre Dame Basilica is one of Montreal’s most beautiful buildings.  The parish housed in the...

Parc Jeanne Mance
A small but popular evening gathering point for local residents. This park contains a large...

Parc LaFontaine
Located a few kilometers north of Mount Royal and stretching over 36 hectares, this park contains...

Montreal - Canada City Guide & Travel Information


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