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Shopping in Montreal - Canada

Montreal Eaton Center - Montreal

Montreal Eaton Center

Location: 705 Ste-Catherine W., Downtown, Montreal. Website: http://centreeaton.shopping.ca/cambridge/jsp/index_flash.jsp?mallid=eat

Montreal's largest downtown shopping complex, and the ultimate underground shopping paradise! Open all year round, and presents a comfortable shopping...

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Old Montreal Flowers Market (Marché aux Fleurs) - Montreal

Old Montreal Flowers Market (Marché aux Fleurs)

Location: 510, Place d'Armes, Montreal.
Fresh local flowers and seasonal varieties of fruits. The place is a must-visit for its vibrant and colorful display, and is sure to be a treat in itself even if you donot buy anything. Accepts all major credit cards and cash.

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Olivia: - Montreal


Location: Zone UM321, Eaton Center, Downtown, Montreal. Telephone: (514) 386-3258
Email: fahem222@hotmail.com

Sells toys, ornamentations, and cutlery items made of olive wood. Accepts all major credit cards and cash. Guarantee of item exchange if customer not satisfied.

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Place Alexis Nihon - Montreal

Place Alexis Nihon

Location: 1500, avenue Atwater, Montreal.Telephone: (514) 931-2591
Timings: Mondays and Tuesdays 10am to 6pm, Wednesdays to Fridays 10am to 9pm, Saturdays 9am to 5pm, and Sundays 10am to 5pm.
Website: http://www.placealexisnihon.com/en/

Ideal place for normal everyday...

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Tah-Tête - Montreal


Location: Zone UV214, Eaton Center, Downtown, Montreal. Telephone: (514) 842-8333
Email: logos@tahtete.com
Payment: Accepts cash only.

The place to get your fabrics embroidered! Be it any costume for any occasion, Tah-Tête's intricate designs add that extra bit of...

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The Bombay Company - Montreal

The Bombay Company

Location: Zone 3114, Eaton Center, Downtown , Montreal. Telephone: (514) 844-8498
Website: www.bombaycompany.com

The ultimate in decor items and services. Antique furniture, chandeliers, clocks, carpets, sofa sets, lamps, coffee tables, wall storage, cabinets, and exquisite...

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